About Us

About Us

The Audubon Reform Democratic Club was founded in 1966 by activists who opposed the Vietnam
War and the status quo in the Democratic Party. Over the years, the Audubon Club has embraced
and supported progressive causes and candidates for public and party offices.

Maria Luna is our district leader. Maria has served as an important figure in the Democratic Party.
She holds key posts as the only Dominican woman member of the Democratic National Committee
and as Democratic State Committee woman. In November 2008, Maria was elected first Vice-Chair of the New York State Democratic Party. She was also the chair of the Executive Committee of the N.Y. County Democratic Committee.

As we enter our 5th decade of community service, the Audubon Club remains committed to our
goals of reaching out to the diverse segments of our community, encouraging community
involvement and improving the Democratic Party from the grass roots.

Our strengthen is drawn from the outstanding leadership that have preceded us over many years
especially by our late president, Albert E. Blumberg, and his beloved wife, Dorothy Rose and
founding members that include Richard Crenshaw, Joel Rothschild and Edith Kamiat, for
whom West 169th Street and Ft. Washington Avenue was co-named.